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Iceland Volcanic & Japan Tsunami Crisis

Dear all, Per the attached, natural crisis such as Iceland Volcanic or Japan Tsunami reminds us the need to have the Virtual environment such as eZ-Xpo to safeguard the on-going collaboration and trade between our business partners from any disruption. It is more than...

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eZ-Xpo’s Rescue to Japan Radioactive Crisis

eZ-Xpo Delivers Complimentary Virtual Trade Show/Conference/Expo Available to Companies and Organizations Affected by the Tragedy in Japan San Francisco, CA – April 12, 2011 - In response to the devastating 8.9 earthquake and today’s highest crisis upgrade at level 7...

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Using Tradeshow Video to Build Marketing Impact

Videotaping Your Exhibit During a Show:Consider the Advantages of Using Tradeshow Video Online video has become an essential sales tool for businesses. Yet, few companies videotape their trade show exhibit in action, launch new products with video, or use video case...

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