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In today’s competitive market landscape, everyone is bombarded with social media information and interruptions, so it is critical that we change the game. Instead of just promoting your products and services, your company should start promoting all your partners’ products and services instead of yours. By doing so, you change the game with a collaborative partnership strategy that can pull more qualified leads and traffic to your business. This is exactly how Apple iTunes and Amazon have created their massive traffic marketplace.


Now, your company can do the same starting with your strategic partners’ ecosystem and create the next “iTunes” of your industry with the eZ-Xpo virtual expo marketplace with live and on-demand engagement, developing a direct connection to customers.

eZ-Xpo offers the world’s 1st All-in-1 Virtual Business Expo Marketplace specifically to help jump-start every local business by industry, city, state, and country. It brings the best of all worlds, combining Virtual Expo showcase capabilities as well as Daily Deals (Groupon’s staple) with Yelp’s rating and review capabilities.

Organizations such as business networking associations and communities can also offer multiple applications like Virtual Job Fairs, Social Learning, and Virtual Business Expos with one single sign-on capability.

“The key challenges of most small businesses are the lack of resources and time to leverage new technology to reach new customers and new markets. We are excited to work with eZ-Xpo to leverage the new game changer to host virtual trade show to connect all stakeholders for unlimited business opportunities both nationwide and worldwide,” says said Donna Ettenson, Vice President of Operations, America’s SBDC.

America SBDC – Virtual Expo Network is the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual local business expo network connecting to all stakeholders (i.e., local business, university) to collaborate and promote local business to reach out beyond the local reach for global business opportunities.


JumpStart Your Local Business

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. By the end of their fifth year, 50% go under; and by the tenth year, that number rises to 80%.

Customer Acquisition (Business condition) – Uncertainty in the global economy remains, and 18% of startups and small businesses expect business conditions to get worse in 2016.
Talent Acquisition – 95% of startups feel challenging to find people with the right skills to grow.
Funding acquisition – With the current high volatility in the financial market, 82% of startups feel fundraising extremely challenging.

All these three challenges of local businesses are extremely tough to solve with solution out in the marketplace. It is critical that we look at these issues from a complete 360-degree view solution.

What if you can resolve all these three challenges in one collaborative solution?


eZ-Xpo’s JumpStart 3-in-1 solution specifically addresses all these three challenges with the following key features and benefits:

1. Customer Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Collaborative Network

Instead of wasting endless online advertising money for traffic, every startup should consider creating their virtual business ecosystem by collaborating with their channel partners and customers through networks of virtual expos; virtual summit, and virtual training. Not only this will help create a long-term sustainable bondage between strategic partners and clients, but also create a new game changer sustainable competitive advantage against the competition.

2. Talent Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Career Expo Network

Instead of wasting expensive headhunting costs on finding the best-skilled talent, every startup should consider building out their Virtual Job Expo to nurture their best talent candidate. Finding the best talent is similar to finding the next new customer because both require relationship nurturing. Startups should consider finding the best interns through partnering with local colleges and universities. Every Virtual Career Expo is equipped with an onboard training solution that can empower every new employee to learn new products/services quickly for higher productivity.

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