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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.2 million of unemployed youth between the ages of 16 to 24 years old are struggling to find work. In fact, over five million young people, including one in five African-Americans and Latinos, are neither working nor in school. The youth unemployment rate of young African Americans is over 20 percent, doubled of the current youth unemployment rate. With many young people being out of work or stuck with a dead-end, low-wage and low-skills jobs, poverty and perhaps illegal activities like crimes are brewing. These all have negative impact on our society and economy tremendously.

On the other hand, according to the latest 2017 report from McKinsey, almost 40 percent of American employers are struggling to find people with the right skills they need, and almost 60 percent of them are concerned about job-seekers’ lack of preparation even for the entry-level jobs. In order to close the skills gap crisis for higher job placement success, employers, job-seekers, mentors, and education providers have a great opportunity to collaborate and engage early in the talent development and job placement value chain for over 30% lower hiring costs and 50% higher time to full productivity. Getting young people with the right skills and career paths in high school and beyond will not only help them achieve long-term economic success for the brighter future, but also ultimately impact the economic trajectory of the entire country positively.



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All-in-1 Virtual Collaborative Network

Imagine tomorrow you can train any unskilled workers for jobs just like Uber matching riders with drivers. This project empowers all stakeholders to connect and collaborate with matching the right job seeker with the right skills for the right job. Our vision is to decentralize professional knowledge to every job-seeker through a virtual collaborative workforce network with blockchain smart contract rewards and certification for all stakeholders.

The Customer: Any organization from Fortune 5000 to start-ups and non-profit can eliminate expensive recruiting costs and reduce onboarding training with over 30% new hiring cost saving and 50% with faster time to productivity on day one on the job. Any job-seeker can participate in the network and find the best job matching their skills profile.

The Value Proposition – Any job-seeker should be able to gain practical job skills and participate in the mentoring to job placement value process with over 50% success rate upon completion of the program. Employers should be able to reduce staffing costs by over 30% and increase the time to productivity over 50% on day one for every new hire. The overall Virtual Collaborative Workforce Network will eliminate frictions and close skills gaps by connecting and collaborating with all the stakeholders (i.e. employers, job-seekers, education providers, and mentors).

The Innovation – The Virtual Collaborative Workforce Network (VCWN) is a patent-pending technology to deliver the world’s 1st decentralized knowledge-transfer with higher job placement success for all job-seekers, employers, and education providers. The VCWN network will eliminate expensive recruiting costs and reduce onboarding training costs as well as increasing faster time to productivity for every new hire on day one of work.

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In addition, the same solution can be applied to any specific industry and any local community. With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatBot, the VCWN can collect all specific knowledge skills for any specific job category in the decentralized knowledge based network and be able to relearn, retrain and apply to different specific jobs and employers without relying on anyone dedicated expert. This will help resolve the baby boomer brain drain crisis and scalability concern across multiple industries and locations.

With Blockchain Smart Contract rewarding every stakeholder (i.e., job-seekers, employers, mentors, and education providers), the VCWN will create an organic word-of-mouth viral network to feed the talent pool for higher mentoring to job placement success for all stakeholders.

Virtual Training Conference & Summit

Virtual Classroom Network

Besides live webinar and on-demand courses, eZ-Xpo empowers every stakeholder to host a virtual summit with multiple speakers virtually anytime anywhere. Instructors will have a virtual classroom with drip content campaign capabilities based on specific date. Instructors can also deploy AI-Chatbot to answer specific questions 24/7.

The Virtual Collaborative Workforce Network will deploy blockchain technology to decentralize knowledge transfer and close the skills gap by engaging and collaborating with all the stakeholders in every step of the recruiting and job placement process.
The Virtual Collaborative Workforce Network will include five key components: (1) Virtual Career Fair Network, (2) Virtual Job Skills Assessment/Training, (4) Mentoring/Apprenticeship. and (5) Blockchain for Certification and Rewards.


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