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Revolutionize Your Event Web Site 3.0 to a New Level

Hello everyone, I have another exciting breakthrough project - Web 3.0  that I want to share with you. This new Web 3.0 will be the ultimate web solution every business needs - No more static web site Web 1.0 Integrate web site with Virtual Learning, Virtual Expo,...

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SEO Booster – How to Boost Your Event/Web Site with Virtual Expo Network

Hello everyone, We are excited to share with you that your SEO hardwork is over! This is a PERFECT solution for all event planners as this will help promote your event with high SEO ranking. THe more virtual event you host, the higher your SEO ranking! The average SEO...

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How to Disrupt Trade Shows & Conferences with Netflix Model & Virtual Collaborative Network

Netflix has been successfully disrupting the video rental business. The key critical success factors behind their success are: 1) customer convenience, and 2) the low price economics of accessing multiple videos at your finger tip.  How can you apply "Netflix Model”...

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How to Disrupt Global Trade with Uber Business Model

As we can learn from Uber success, every industry can be disrupted with a new innovative model that can break down all barriers to connect and collaborate with over 80% reduction in time and cost savings. Today’s global trade is extremely challenging for local...

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Why Pay Expensive SEO & Webcasting When You Can Get It FREE!!!

It sounds too good to be TRUE! Let’s analyze the big picture on each task first. The average SEO (Search Engine Optimalization) cost ranges from $500 to $20,000 per month and it can go much higher if you hire a full-time employee dedicated to this task. The average...

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Why Pay Daily Online Ads When You Can Get Qualified Leads FREE!

It sounds too good to be TRUE! The "WOM" word-of-mouth concept is NOT new. In fact, it has been around for years before the Internet was created.  Everyday we share referrals with partners, and customers within our own network. You can call it "customer value chain'...

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