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“Location has become irrelevant. Now we can include people on a discussion via their smartphones with minimal difficulty.” – Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple


This is another great inspiration article from Steve Woziak, Co-Founder of Apple.
I would agree with him that we are definitely closing the gap between face to face collaboration vs virtual collaboration with more advanced technologies.

Technologies like chat, and video conferencing will further get everyone closer virtually anywhere anytime. It is the same reason why eZ-XPO and eLearningZoom are
working diligently to deliver virtual collaborative solutions (i.e., social learning, virtual trade show software, private business network marketplace)  to close the gaps for live and on-demand engagement as well as on-demand and live training using video tutorials.

Company in all sizes should leverage virtual collaborative solutions such as virtual trade show and online training software  to EXPEDITE their business operations and boost the bottom-line results. Company do NOT need to wait and
travel thousand miles to conduct a business meeting. We can do it NOW whereever we are, and whenever we are.

Let’s apply the virtual collaborative technologies to everything we do. I bet you will definitely feel a lot younger everyday since you’d save thousands of minutes traveling!

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