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Based on the latest non-profit fundraising results, the digital fundraising campaign with returned gifts contributes the most for non-profits. KQED/PBS generates over 80% of the revenue from one-time fundraising campaign with returned gifts.

Now, we can clone the same strategy for your non-profit. This is a special Non-Profit Campaign that we have been preparing in the last 6 months with the following –

  • Over 2000 online courses and ebooks at 24hreducation.com
  • Course library covering Social Media Marketing, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Health Fitness, and much more
  • Private Expo Network fully integrated with 24hreducation

Every individual donor will get a bundled of online courses and ebooks for their contribution. For B2B corporation, they can get the same for their employees as well as a sponsorship with a Virtual Booth for qualified leads.

We can only take 7 committed non-profit – only 3 more left.

If you are serious about boosting your non-profit fundraising and driving free organic traffic, please book a meeting here now.



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