“Americans can’t be satisfied with the number of jobs created and “we’ve got to put even more people back to work,” President Barack Obama said on Friday.”

Hello everyone,

With today’s sluggish job creation, it is very clear that we need to do more to help create more jobs for America. eZ-Xpo and JobExpo365 are doing our share to help create more jobs with innovative game changer – JobExpo365. Effective immediately, we are offering every career center worldwide a FREE Virtual Job Fair to help every employer to interview the top talent at the convenience of the employer’s office or desktop.

Many employers have cut back on travel expenses to travel to school campus for face to face interview. With our virtual job fair, employers and job seekers can conduct virtual interview anytime anywhere. Job seeker can showcase their latest projects at their virtual booth. Our virtual job fair is not just for one day or one week; it is on-going 365 days a year and this will offer every job seeker a great opportunity to connect to the right employer.We can only offer the top 100 qualified career centers with a FREE Virtual Job Fair to help expedite the job creation as well as talent management process.

If you are interested in this new “JumpStart Job Creation”initiative, please contact me ASAP.







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