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eZ-Xpo - Virtual Expo Network

Virtual Collaborative Expo Network

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What Clients Speak about eZ-Xpo

  • CEO Logo
    “I am super-excited to partner with eZ-Xpo to empower all the CEOs to connect, collaborate, and promote all their products/services 24/7 with constant engagement, and collaboration for unlimited joint venture opportunities. Together with eZ-Xpo, we will revolutionize how we network and make deals virtually anytime, anywhere!”

    Kevin Dunn, CEO of the CEO Club of America
  • travel-emarketing-solutions-group-600
    “After working other 3D virtual expo platform, we have discovered that eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network provides the easiest way to host a virtual expo with more flexibilities and functionality. Most importantly, it is a perfect solution for lead generation as it empowers multiple virtual expos capabilities beyond just one expo virtually 24/7.”

    Mike Goldberg, President of 24/7 Travel, EMarketing Solutions Group
  • SawgrassConsumer-244x107
    We are excited about the innovative approach for Virtual Expo and Trade Show with partnership with LocalPlaceXpo and eZ-Xpo because it will help jumpstart our dealers and reseller business by offering everyone’s opportunities to showcase their products and solutions virtually anytime anywhere across all market segments. [READ MORE…]

    Sawgrass Consumer Division
  • ABA-of-SV-Logo-200
    I am excited to partner with eZ-Xpo. With eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network, we can help empower non-profit and for-profit organizations through connection, collaboration, and innovation. ABA of SV is working with eZ-Xpo to develop an effective and efficient way for Supplier Diversity, Small to Medium to Large Businesses growth, and educational seminars – EB-5 to cybercrime prevention.

    Darlene Mar, V.P. of Business Development, Asian Business Association of Silicon Valley
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