Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) Joins Forces with eZ-Xpo For The World’s 1st Virtual Trade Mission

SUMMARY: Bridging the gap between physical trade missions and trade shows, eZ-Xpo helps jumpstart global trade with Nigerian businesses and the United States with the announcement of the World’s 1st Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace in partnership with the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce.

San Francisco, CA – July 16, 2013 – eZ-Xpo is pleased to announce the world’s 1st Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace with the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce with a focus for ongoing collaboration and business networking from the recent trade mission to the United Sates. The world’s 1st Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace is scheduled to take place mid-August of 2013. The event will accelerate and facilitate deeper business relationships and ongoing collaboration opportunities for US based.

The key objectives of the eZ-Xpo – Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace (VTMM) is to help facilitate and nurture the business relationship and networking among American and Nigerian companies now and into the future. The VTMM will help cultivate business communication for partnerships. Both Nigerian and American companies who will be attending are able to explore opportunities and develop long-term relationships. Through trust and dialogue, a better understanding of each of the company’s products and services can be shared in each of the companies Virtual Booth. Exhibitors can showcase their products and services in their virtual booth, conduct live webinar and conferencing, both on-demand and live.

“The key challenges of any global trade are trust and understanding of both parties’ products synergy and benefits for a long-term business relationship. It usually takes weeks and months for both parties to nurture the trust and business relationship. It is why we think eZ-Xpo – Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace is the perfect complementary solution to every physical trade mission for ongoing collaborative business relationship,” said Olanipekun Ojo, The Executive Secretary of Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce.

“We are excited to partner with the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce on this global trade journey. With eZ-Xpo – Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace, companies from both countries can conduct a Virtual Trade Mission easily and quickly, build deeper understanding and business relationship with an ongoing virtual showcase and education on their company and products and services. In addition, companies can also find potential strategic partners through online matching and search based on their profile, and interests,” Matt Fok, Founder and CEO of eZ-Xpo.

The Nigerian-American Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace will consist of the following key game changer applications:

Virtual Local Business Expo Marketplace
– The NACC Virtual Local Business Expo Marketplace will empower all local and global businesses and global partners to connect, collaborate, and promote everyone’s products/services both live and on-demand in a virtual lobby and booth with automatic follow-up for higher marketing ROI. This will help every local business to export and partner with any global business around the world.

Virtual Job Expo Marketplace – The NACC Virtual Career Fair Marketplace will promote local job creation, empowering the talent pool for employment opportunities. Participants will be able to showcase their latest and greatest accomplishments in a virtual booth. This will also enable employers to showcase all exciting job opportunities  and provide one-stop recruiting place for interviewing, on-board training, and candidate screening.

Virtual Social Learning Marketplace – The NACC Virtual Social Learning Marketplace will enrich every member with a wealth of professional training online learning library focusing on social media, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, cloud computing, and international trade. Experts can easily and quickly launch their own online course in any subject via eLearningZoom.

With one single sign-on (SSO), attendee or members of NACC can visit any of the available virtual expo marketplaces for viewing through the eZ-Xpo Network.

With more than 155 million people, Nigeria’s population is the largest in Africa, the 8th largest in the world, and represents a thriving consumer market. The country’s population is expected to grow to 289 million by the year 2050, presenting excellent opportunities for expanded trade.

U.S. mission participants will gain first-hand market information, access to government decision makers, and one-on-one meetings with business contacts, including potential agents, distributors and partners. In addition, Nigeria is often considered a strong gateway into other West African markets. During the mission, Nigerian companies will benefit from learning more about U.S. products and services and face-to-face introductions to U.S. companies highly motivated to do business in Nigeria.

In January 2010, President Obama launched the National Export Initiative which aims to double overall U.S. exports by 2015. The trade mission is an outcome of the NEI, and Nigeria represents a key market for U.S. companies that can assist in diversifying Nigeria’s economy through trade, technologies, and services. Last year, U.S.-Nigerian trade totaled $34.5 billion.

This Virtual Trade Mission Marketplace accelerates President Obama’s National Export Initiative which aims to double U.S. exports by the end of 2014, supporting economic and job growth. Participating firms will gain market insights, make industry contacts, solidify business strategies, and advance specific projects with the goal of increasing U.S. exports to Nigeria.

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About Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC)
The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce is a 53 years organization. It stands as a pillar of the relationship between the United States of America and Nigeria, serving as an important catalyst in bringing together people and ideals to bolster bilateral commercial relations. Its members consist of American multinational companies – Multinational corporations like Mobil, Gulf Oil (Now Chevron), Texaco, Arthur Anderson (now Accenture), American International Insurance Company (AIICO) and Foremost Dairies have played tremendous role in the growth of the Chamber. In recent times multinationals like Coca-Cola, MTN, and Access bank have joined the above companies in consistently supporting the chamber.

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About eZ-Xpo
eZ-Xpo is a revolutionary new approach to virtual events, virtual trade shows, private business networking marketplace. eZ-Xpo delivers the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace that seamlessly integrates with built-in marketing campaigns to follow up with every prospective customer during and after the event. eZ-Xpo goes beyond the traditional trade show and virtual event tools by harnessing the power of the Internet, proven best of class marketing automation technologies (i.e., SalesForce, Mailchimp) and making everything available to you in an integrated and intuitive online interface.

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