eZ-Xpo – All-in-1 Local Marketing Solution empowers local Chamber of Commerce, and local business organizations to boost daily traffic and leads; and nurture business relationship for higher customer loyalty.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 11, 2017 – eZ-Xpo, the global leader in Virtual Collaborative Network, announced eZ-Xpo – All-in-1 Local Marketing Solution that will jumpstart every local business with more organic traffic and leads every day.

eZ-Xpo – All-in-1 Local Marketing Solution solves today’s urgent challenges of every local business with the following features and benefits –
Business Challenges Features Benefits

eZ-Xpo – All-in-1 Local Marketing Solution solves today’s urgent challenges of every local business with the following features and benefits –

Business Challenges



1.  Customer Acquisition – Looking for New Customer SEO – Booster – According to the latest Small Business Survey, growing sales is the number challenge for all small business. With eZ-Xpo – SEO Booster, Chamber of Commerce or Local Business Organization can help boost organic traffic and more leads to every local business.

Instant Hot Lead Alert – Over 82% of new customers come from word-of-mouth. With eZ-Xpo –Instant Hot Lead alert, we can help do match-making automatically for all members in any business organization.

Marketing Insights –  Everyone can easily and quickly download all hot leads via a spreadsheet.

  • Boost More Traffic
  • Increase Higher SEO Ranking
  • Gain Marketing Insights
2. Customer Sales Conversion   Virtual Spokesperson – Pulling social media and google traffic are not equaled to target qualified leads. With Virtual Spokesperson, we can engage with every attendee 24/7,  can convert every new lead to new customer, and automatically trigger follow-up email campaign.

CRM/Email Campaign Integration – every exhibitor booth can automatically feed hot lead to the exhibitor’s email campaign and CRM seamlessly for automatic follow-up.


  • Shorten Sales Conversion
  • Laser Focus on Ideal Prospect
  • Boost Higher Marketing ROI


3.      Customer Cross-sell/Upsell & Retention     eZ-Xpo – Private Collaborative Network – Gone with the days customers just buy anything off the site without doing any due diligence especially with more complex products/services.  eZ-Xpo – Private Collaborative Network can help nurture every customer or prospect with Virtual Expo,  Virtual Summit, and Virtual Training with ongoing education track every month.
  • Boost More Traffic  &  Hot Leads
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Boost Cross-Sell/Upsell Opportunities.


“Based on the latest Small Business Survey, most small business want to focus on getting customers and sustain their competitive advantage. The biggest challenge is that they do not have the time and resources to innovate with new technology. With eZ-Xpo – All-in-1 Local Marketing Solution, we can offload this heavy lifting burden and help every local business to compete more effectively and efficiently by automating their overall customer lifecyle. We are excited to partner and collaborate with every local Chamber and business organization to help every local business.” said Matt Fok, Founder and CEO of eZ-Xpo.

For a limited time, eZ-Xpo is offering FREE local sales video (valued over $5000) to all qualified customers so that every local business can populate with a professional sales video representing their business in their virtual booth.
• Accountant
• Auto Shop
• Day Care
• Dentist
• Lawyer
• Loan Officer
• Plumber
• Realtor
• etc

For additional information on how you can take advantage of this new JumpStart Local Marketing solution, please book a FREE consultation here.

About eZ-Xpo

eZ-Xpo is the global leader in Virtual Collaborative Network solution empowering businesses to connect, collaborate, and promote through networks of virtual event marketplaces for lead generation. eZ-Xpo reinvents the trade show and lead generation industry with a revolutionary new approach to virtual events, virtual trade shows, private business networking marketplace. eZ-Xpo delivers the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace that seamlessly integrates with built-in marketing automation to follow up with every prospective customer during and after the event.

eZ-Xpo has deployed the world’s all-in-1 virtual expo network marketplace, results-oriented virtual collaborative marketing solutions for different industries and industry leaders such as MPI/DFW, Wells Fargo, MetaStock, Boeing, and Raytheon.

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Contact Information

Matt Fok
Founder and CEO
[email protected]
Phone : 1-888-718-5333



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