SUMMARY: Today, eZ-Xpo announced eZ-Xpo –Virtual Expo Network 3.0 that aims to empower organizations to connect, collaborate, promote, and train with unlimited virtual expo marketplaces capabilities across multiple divisions, and local chapters for constant lead generation, and collaboration.

San Francisco, CA – July 15, 2015 – eZ-Xpo, the global leader in Virtual Collaborative Expo Network Marketplace, announced the world’s 1st Virtual Collaborative Expo Network Marketplace platform for small- medium business, global, and non-profit markets.

The objective and vision of the Virtual Collaborative Expo Network platform is to offer a global collaborative expo network for every stakeholder to connect, engage, promote, and learn through networks of virtual expo marketplaces for maximum visibility and ROI. It will also help incubate long-term joint ventures and partnership for every stakeholder through live, and on-demand private showcase and forum worldwide.

“As thought leaders from Edelman, PGi, VMWare, Frost & Sullivan share their top five emerging business collaboration trend for 2015 and beyond, both Anywhere-ization, the Workplace of Things, Synchoronous vs. Asynchronous Collaboration, and Convergence are clearly the key emerging technology trends.

With eZ-Xpo 3.0 – Virtual Expo Network, organizations can easily and quickly launch virtual expo, conference/forum, virtual training conference, and virtual job fair anytime anywhere. It truly solves the current major barriers of time, space, and costs for all organizations. Most importantly, the virtual trade show network will help every stakeholder to connect, and collaborate 24/7 live and on-demand; and complement all physical events for ongoing engagement,” said Matt Fok, CEO and Founder of eZ-Xpo.

The eZ-Xpo 3.0 – Virtual Expo Network includes the following game-changing virtual collaborative expo network features and applications:

Private Virtual Expo Network – Empower organizations with multiple divisions or local chapter/offices to network and collaborate within a virtual collaborative expo network. Each division or local chapter/office can host its own virtual expos, virtual training conference, and virtual job fair. All divisions will be able to network and engage live and on-demand anytime anywhere.

eZ-Business Hangout – Empower organizers and exhibitors to launch Google Hangout to broadcast live videos in the virtual auditorium, and virtual booth every day. Attendees can view live broadcast via the Virtual Auditorium without having a google Gmail account. Every live video streaming are automatically archived in the virtual auditorium.

eZ-Webcasting – Empower organizers and exhibitors to launch video conferencing with whiteboard, slide presentation capabilities. Every exhibitor can launch video conferencing in their virtual booth. Attendees can easily and quickly participate in each webcast via each virtual booth.

Virtual Social Learning Network (eLearningZoom) – Empower organization to create virtual knowledge and training portal for customers, employees, and strategic partners for product training as well as onboard training. With eLearningZoom All-in-1 Online Training Marketplace, learners can take both on-demand courses and live video conferencing 24/7. Instructor/experts can leverage on-demand courses as a complement to their physical classroom for ongoing collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Virtual Job Fair Network (JobExpo365) – Empower every organizer to host a virtual job fair to engage top talent for maximum productivity and ROI. JobExpo365 delivers the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual job fair network with both workforce expo and employer expo. Every job-seeker will be able to showcase their latest and greatest accomplishments in an easy to use virtual resume booth. Employer can showcase exciting new job opportunities and provide a one-stop place for screening, interviewing, selection and on-boarding training

The new product release has created excitement as companies have already embraced and are using eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network’s latest technology to host virtual trade shows, virtual job fairs, and virtual training conferences, demonstrate their latest products and even onboard and train new and current employees.

“After working other 3D virtual expo platform, we have discovered that eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network provides the easiest way to host a virtual expo with more flexibilities and functionality. Most importantly, it is a perfect solution for lead generation as it empowers multiple virtual expos capabilities beyond just one expo virtually 24/7.”

– Mike Goldberg, President of 24/7 Travel, EMarketing Solutions Group

“I am super-excited to partner with eZ-Xpo to empower over 20,000 CEOs to connect, collaborate, and promote all their products/services 24/7 with constant engagement, and collaboration for unlimited joint venture opportunities. Together with eZ-Xpo, we will revolutionize how we network and make deals virtually anytime, anywhere!”

– Kevin Dunn, CEO of the CEO Club of America

We are excited to join forces with eZ-Xpo to empower non-profit and for-profit organizations through connection, collaboration, and innovation. Together with eZ-Xpo, ABA of SV develops a new effective and efficient way for Supplier Diversity, Small to Medium to Large Businesses growth, and educational seminars (i.e., EB-5, cybercrime prevention).”

– Darlene Mar, V.P. of Business Development, Asian Business Association of Silicon Valley.

To learn more about how you can leverage this new collaborative game changer to capture FREE qualified leads and boosts collaboration, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-888-718-5333.


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eZ-Xpo helps businesses connect, collaborate, and promote through networks of virtual expo marketplaces for a constant lead generation and collaboration. eZ-Xpo reinvents the trade show and lead generation industry with a new revolutionary approach to virtual events, virtual trade shows, and private business networking marketplace. eZ-Xpo delivers the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual expo network marketplace that seamlessly integrates with built-in marketing automation to follow up with every prospective customer during and after the event.


eZ-Xpo has been operating in Silicon Valley for over five years. eZ-Xpo has deployed the world’s all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace, results-oriented virtual collaborative marketing solutions for different industries and industry leaders such as Wells Fargo, New York Life, MetaStock, Boeing, and Raytheon.


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