VCN - Sample
Below is a good example of Virtual Global Collaborative Network where organization can create a massive organic ecosystem through collaborating with all their organizations.
You can empower every stakeholder to create multiple instances by city, states, and country where every organization can host their own events and create unlimited lead generation.

Why limit yourself to just Facebook or Google or Linkedln when you can create your own private collaborative network to do more practical actions for results!

Here is a quick summary of features/benefits –

1. Virtual Talent Show – Empowers all to showcase their creative talents (i..e, music, songs, arts, animation, video) in each virtual booth. Great way to get young adults excited!
It is good for fundraising as well.

2. Virtual Job Fair – Empowers all job-seekers to connect to all employers. Employers can showcase their latest job opportunities. Job-seekers can schedule one on one job interview.

3. Virtual Summit – Empowers all stakeholders to connect and collaborate through Business Hangout (Google) to brainstorm, engage, and take actions on projects and have a weekly progress updates. Videos will be archived through virtual auditorium. etc.

You can add on more applications such as Virtual Training Conference, Virtual Collaborative Workspace, and more.

                   This is your ultimate daily workspace for every stakeholder!!!

Together we can empower every stakeholder to prosper in 2016!

For further detailed information, please book a 15-min with us to create your 2016 Virtual Prosperity Network!

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