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Per the attached, social media and dynamic engagement with customers and partners are the ultimate marketing weapons for company in the 21st Century.  The article mentions three key aspects of engagement – service improvement, service recovery, and customer training. With eZ-Xpo Virtual Expo Marketplace, every exhibitor is equipped with the latest social media web 2.0 engagement tools such as forum, blog, live chat, reviews, and rating.  It is a great way to connect to every customers and partner for real-time and on-demand information and feedback.  Our virtual trade show platform is NOT just product launch or once a year conference; but for on-going collaboration with every partner and customers 365 days a year.

Smart company should leverage every social media and cloud computing virtual event tool such as eZ-Xpo to engage customers virtually anytime. The uniqueness of eZ-Xpo virtual expo marketplace is the ultimate virtual business ecosystem with every strategic partner in the industry. Therefore, it is more than just a single web site or portal. It is the collective synergy from every strategic partner that will ultimately make all the difference!




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