Hello everyone,

Despite the “me-too” iPhone 5.0 announcement this past week, the Apple Ecosystem is winning across all sectors and industry with
more applications being developed on iPad at the enterprise customer level. Over 91% of tablet web traffic comes from iPad.
(Note – I am sure that Kindle Fire is catching up with their latest announcement).


People keep asking why they should buy iphone or iPad vs Samsung or others.
My simple answer is that if you don’t do any applications on your smartphone other than checking emails. It won’t make any difference or better yet – you may get better deal with others. However, if you intend to do any applications on iTune or others, iPhone and iPad are the way to go period!

Again, it is Apple Ecosystem period!

If you don’ t have a Virtual Business Ecosystem, you would be losing to your competitors period. It is exactly why we are building
our virtual business ecosystem across all enterprise-wide applications for every customer and partner –

  • Social Learning – SocialLearningMarketplace
  • Virtual Job Fair – JobExpo365
  • Virtual Local Business Expo – LocalPlaceXpo
  • Virtual Talent Show – TalentExpo365
  • Virtual Book Expo – BookExpo365 (to be launched in October)
  • More to come

Finally, if you want to compete successfully in your industry, you need to build your virtual business ecosystem with our Virtual Expo Network –

more unique value proposition to your customers and partner.

Have a great weekend!


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