Below is the latest virtual events statistics. With the recent skyrocketing oil price closer to $120 or $5-6 gas per gallon and Japan’s earthquake and nuclear radioactive crisis, every organization will need to think TWICE when planning for the next conference or trade show.

Virtual event or conference is NOT just saving travel costs, and time. It is all about boosting the bottom-line marketing ROI with better qualified leads. It also functions as a disaster back-up and safeguard your current operation with virtual presence in the cloud.

eZ-Xpo is the world’s first all-in-1 virtual event customer-centric platform the following unique features and benefits:

* Personalized exhibit hall based on attendee’s preference so customers won’t get frustrated with too many irrelevant products
* Automatically follow-up every attendee to boost bottom-line marketing ROI.
* 24/7 and 365 days a year for on-going collaboration for better customer loyalty
* All-in-1 virtual cloud applications such as SugarCRM, online meeting, and email marketing campaign for high productivity

For further detailed questions or discussion, please email me at [email protected]

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