Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all!

As we start the New Year with new game plan, new goal, and new ideas, we want to share with you some of the latest exciting

features we have worked on. We strongly believe that they will help jumpstart your business for 2013!

Here are some exciting features that will help jumpstart your business:

  • Live Chat – We have enhanced the live chat feature with an alert function that will alert every exhibitor when an attendee enters the virtual booth. The attendee will get a welcome message, “Welcome to ABC!”. The exhibitor will get an alert message, “Hello, you have a new attendee in your booth.”
  • Live Engagement – We have added both Skype and Google Hangout to every virtual booth. This will further enhance the live interactions between attendee and exhibitor 
    google-hangoutFB Deals


  • FB Social Deal – In order to help promote every business, we have added FB Social Deal for every exhibitor so that they can promote their products/services in Facebook leveraging over 900 million users traffic.


  • FB Social Coupon – The FB Social Coupon is a brand new application that leverages the proven coupon concept in the Facebook viral space for every business. It will offer social coupon and capture qualified leads for every friend. It is fully integrated with every virtual booth.

FB Social Coupon

  • Instant Virtual Booth Creation  – We have heard our customer feedback and have taken immediate actions to streamline the overall process. eZ-Xpo will be the world’s 1st virtual event platform that will deliver an instant virtual booth for virtual showcase in less than 5 minutes after registration. This will further help every business for showcase quickly and easily. This feature will be available early February.

Every exhibitor will be equipped with all these amazing features to capture more qualified leads and close more sales in their virtual booth.

In order to help jumpstart your business, eZ-Xpo will be offering every event organizer with a complimentary FB Social Deal  ($199 value) for every new account. 

If you are interested in jumpstarting your business with these amazing powerful features, please contact us for a FREE consultation.




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