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“Over 76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives”
“Over 64% of marketers are integrating with their social media into their marketing plans”

I have been getting rumors that Facebook Marketing is DEAD and social media is OUT! If you think so, please think AGAIN or Miss out the boat and LEFT behind your competition!
Let’s read the facts below beforeĀ  jumping into any conclusion.

The Social Media Marketing trend is getting stronger and stronger everyday because every B2B customer is very convinced that they cannot rely on any single channel for marketing, but most importantly they need to have an ongoing social customer relationship channel to spread the word out socially.

In addition, most customers believe that they cannot rely on Google SEO at all as they constantly change their algorithm for their own profits. Why should
anyone want to be held “HOSTAGE” with their SEO algorithm? The whole SEO strategy has changed – we have to be diversified with social media and content marketing
(Kindle Publishing).

As far as eZ-Xpo is concerned, we will be launching a series of amazing Social Media applications – we will brand it – “eZ-Social” that will help boost
more qualified traffics and sales for every eZ-Xpo organizers and customers.

Stay tuned for more exciting news later this week!


The ROI of Social Media

The ROI of Social Media

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