Happy Friday, everyone,

As we all celebrate the 5th anniversary year of iPhone, we should wonder how this little phone has transformed the whole mobile industry?

How can one phone like iPhone disrupt the overall mobile industry and transform how we engage one and others?


The iPhone has created an entirely new industry and ecosystem, one that has unleashed dozens of ubiquitous applications that were inconceivable five years ago. From photos to communications to connectivity to games, the iPhone has, literally, changed tens of millions of people’s lives. And it has created jobs and careers for hundreds of thousands of developers, designers, and other professionals.

eZ-Xpo and eLearningZoom are new game changers based on our product strategy – Virtual Business Ecosystem. I will be finalizing the book this summer as many have
been waiting for this for a long time. Most importantly, it is the ultimate customer value that can bring to every customer with on-going collaboration, synergy, and sustainable
competitive advantage.

The bottomline question for all of us is:

    “How can your company help create your own Virtual Business Ecosystem for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage and growth?”

Answer – eZ-Xpo Network Marketplace – Similar to the iPhone product strategy, eZ-Xpo it is a special kind of Xpo that combines the best of all technologies into one.

Have a great weekend!



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