Netflix - Expo Network Model

Netflix has been successfully disrupting the video rental business. The key critical success factors behind their success are: 1) customer convenience, and 2) the low price economics of accessing multiple videos at your finger tip. 

How can you apply “Netflix Model” to today’s traditional trade shows and conferences? 

Today’s traditional trade shows and conferences are driven by specialty, time, location, and event for short duration period either days or weeks. Every trade show/conference is highly targeted for their target audience.  The challenge of today’s trade show model is that not everyone

Every event organizer should consider adopting the “Netflix Model” by building a “Netflix” Channel for their industry so that they can create a long-term sustainable vertical market ecosystem for constant lead generation and engagement for three key tactical and strategic reasons:

  1. Cannibalization is not a Concern –  The virtual event component will never replace the face-to-face meeting because people go to physical trade for the live physical experience their virtual presence. Why leave money on the table?                                                                                                                                        
  2. The virtual/hybrid event is the future –  Based on the recent 2015 MPI (Meeting Professionals International) survey, virtual attendance is expected to grow 3.1 percent in the coming year, compared to 2.4 percent for the live audience.  
    59 percent and 61 percent of respondents expect to leverage virtual and hybrid options, respectively. As the VR (virtual reality) is becoming a real reality for many vertical industries, every strategic event organizer should position themselves with Virtual Trade Show component as a stepping stone to the future trend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. Authority Site Leader for Massive Targeted Traffic FREE – Whoever can aggregate the traditional trade show/conference content to build out an ongoing high quality and updated content, can dominate their vertical industry as “Authority Leader”. With today’s rapid changing environment, every customer needs to hear the most insightful tips and stories collectively from every thought leader and customer. Physical and Virtual Conferences/Summit is the best collaborative aggregator platform to make that happen. Many live streaming opponents such as (i.e., Google Hangout/YouTube,, and (IBM)) are available to make that happen. Every event organizer should consider monetizing the content.    

Just like what Netflix has disrupted the video rental industry for offering convenience and a wide variety of collection to video viewers, trade show organizers can disrupt the trade show industry by creating a “Netflix Channel Model” that leverages Virtual Expo Network technologies as a content aggregator and collaborator to all stakeholders.    

Instead of worrying about potential cannibalization of the virtual component, every event organizer should consider focusing on becoming an authority leader in their market space for massive targeted traffic (FREE).

Here are the three simple steps to create your “Netflix” model for your vertical industry with ongoing collaboration and engagement for daily qualified leads with prospects and partners for a long-term sustainable global prosperity for everyone:

1. Identify Your Industry Specialty for Ongoing Content Program

Content is king. According to the 2015 B2B Marketing Survey, over 54% of B2B marketers cited “producing engaging content” as a top challenge. The key is to create content that can resonate with the daily challenge marketers face. Every trade show and conference organizer can leverage the trade show/conference content with live and on-demand engagement opportunities. Not only you can take advantage of the existing content, but also provide a way to interact with everyone.

2. Create a Virtual Trade Show/Conference Network

Just like what Netflix has done for the video rental business by different categories and market segments, every organizer can create their “Netflix” channel by using eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network for their industry. With eZ-Xpo – Virtual Collaborative Network, event organizers can segment each virtual expo by specific target industry.  Why get started, the sooner you can dominate your vertical industry with a sustainable business model with massive targeted traffic FREE.

3. Deploy Weekly and Monthly Collaboration Opportunity

Despite the benefits of face-to-face meeting with potential buyer or channel partner, one of the key weaknesses in all physical trade show events is the lack of follow-up for ongoing engagement and nurturing business relationship. A Virtual Trade Show Network can help resolve the gap by deploying weekly or monthly collaborative matchmaking sessions with live virtual meeting via live chat and video conferencing. Exhibitors can host Virtual Business Hangout and educate all potential buyers and channel partners on their products/services on a weekly basis. Exhibitors can set up a discussion board for ongoing discussion. Online surveys can be conducted to filter out for qualified potential prospects. Expert speakers can host virtual private breakout room for more in-depth discussion with attendees.

Finally, everyone can benefit from the Virtual Trade Show/Conference Network approach using “Netflix” model for daily qualified lead generation opportunities for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

For a FREE consultation on how you can dominate your industry in becoming an Authority Site Leader with your own “Netflix” Channel for your vertical industry, please email us at [email protected] or go to htt:// or call us at 1-888-718-5333.

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