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According to the latest Silicon Valley Bank’s 2018 annual Startup Outlook report, most startups are positive about the future but face tremendous challenges in the following key areas:

1. Customer Acquisition (Business condition) – Uncertainty in the global economy remains, although its improved over 2017, 34% of startups still expect business conditions to continue with a small percentage believing it will get worse in 2018.

2. Talent Acquisition – hiring is at a 5 year high, with 83% planning to increase their workforce but conversely, over 90% of startups feel it’s challenging to find people with the right skills to grow.

3. Fundraising – availability of funds, particularly from VCs has improved in 2018 but 76% of startups still feel fundraising extremely challenging.
These challenges are extremely tough to solve with existing solutions. It’s therefore critical that we look at these issues from a completely different viewpoint.

What if you can resolve all these three challenges with one collaborative solution?
eZ-Xpo’s JumpStart 3-in-1 solution specifically addresses all these three challenges with the following key features and benefits:

1. Customer Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Collaborative Network

Instead of wasting endless online advertising money on increasing traffic, every startup should consider creating their virtual business ecosystem by collaborating with their channel partners and customers through networks of virtual expos; virtual summits, and virtual training. Not only will this help create a long-term sustainable bond between strategic partners and clients; but it also creates a new game-changing, sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Talent Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Career Expo Network

Instead of wasting money on expensive headhunting services for finding the best-skilled talent, every startup should consider building out a Virtual Job Expo to nurture talent. Finding the best talent is similar to finding the next new customer because both require relationship nurturing. Startups should consider finding the best interns through partnering with local colleges and universities. Every Virtual Job Expo is equipped with an onboard training solution that can empower every new employee to learn new products/services quickly to improve productivity.

3. Funding Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Pitch Network

Every day we see startup pitches everywhere. The challenge is to find an Angel Network or Venture Capital Network where every startup can nurture the relationship with every stakeholder (i.e., investor, channel partner, and customer).
eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Pitch Network bridges the gap between stakeholders to empower startups to nurture the relationship with potential investors locally, nationally, and globally with continuous deal flows.

Finally, every incubator, co-workspace and Angel/VC Network should consider building out their own Virtual Startup Ecosystem to empower every startup to find the next customer, the next best talent, and the next strategic channel for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage for win-win-win benefits.

For a FREE consultation on how you can build out your Virtual Startup Ecosystem for the ultimate sustainable competitive advantage, please go to http://www.eZ-Xpo.com  or contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-718-5333.



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