It sounds too good to be TRUE!

Let’s analyze the big picture of each task first. The average SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cost ranges from $500 to $20,000 per month, and it can go much higher if you hire a full-time employee dedicated to this task. The average Webcasting service cost ranges from $1000 to $6000 per event. If you combine the average costs of both SEO and Webcasting services together, you would have to budget around $2000 to $30,000. Obviously, even the low-end monthly pricing of $2000 is very high for most small business or start-ups.

What if you can get all these two services FREE; and be able to get qualified leads every day? That would be like getting $2000 per month FREE!!!!

The key difference is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) DOES NOT provide you qualified leads. You will still need to convert traffic to leads through opt in-form and other traffic conversion strategy.

The $60,000 question is how you can get 1) FREE high SEO ranking; 2) FREE social media engagement with backend links; and 3) FREE qualified leads.

It sounds like one stone hits three birds here.

Here are the three simple steps to create a sustainable high SEO ranking, and qualified leads with daily engagement with your customers and partners for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage:

  1. Create Your Virtual Summit, Virtual Conference, and Expo Opportunities with Your Strategic Partners-

You do not have to be a trade show organizer. Just like the traditional webinar, you can host a virtual summit or expo easily and quickly. Why Virtual? There are thousands of physical conferences every day. The challenge is that it is impossible to get everyone to attend each physical event.  With eZ-Xpo’s book meeting scheduler, both attendees and exhibitor can schedule a meeting before the event and make it easier to connect and make the physical event more productive.

It is impossible to interact many to many in a physical setting even in a breakout room format. This is where the virtual component can be a great complementary to every physical event. Every speaker can have a virtual breakout room to have a live and on-demand discussion via live chat and discussion board. Why not keep it going even after the event is over? Some may have better questions and answers after the event is over.                                    

  1. Create a Virtual Collaborative Network – Every organization and partner have either good coaching or training or new product to offer. Why not bringing everyone together in multiple virtual collaborative networks? You do not have to be a professional trade show organizer to host a virtual summit/conference, virtual trade show/expo. In fact, it is all about business networking with your strategic partners and channel partners delivering a total complete solution for your ideal customer segment. Since there is NO competitive threat from each partner, every company would be promoting the event for win-win-win benefits.                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Deploy “One Stone Hits 3 Birds” – to deliver a sustainable high SEO ranking and daily qualified leads, marketers, event organizers can leverage both Facebook Live, Periscope and Google Hangout to provide daily virtual conference/summit and expo for daily or regular fresh content for Google high ranking.                                                                               
  • FREE Live Webcasting – Facebook Live, Periscope, and Google Hangout have been the most robust FREE live webcasting tool available to host the virtual conference. Since Google Hangout is fully integrated with YouTube and Google+, Google rewards all Google Hangout users with high SEO ranking in the search engine with the right keywords.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • FREE High SEO Ranking – to deliver a sustainable high SEO ranking, marketers and event organizers need to recognize they will need daily or regular fresh content and high-quality engagement for higher SEO ranking. Video marketing has been the most effective SEO strategy for instant high SEO ranking. With eZ-XPO Social Live, every social media live video will be automatically uploaded to either Facebook, Twitter, or  YouTube as well as other social media networks. As you may know, both Facebook, Twitter, and Google/YouTube are the top largest social media network over ten billion video views every day.   Every attendee can engage with everyone with fresh content.                                                                                                                                
  • FREE Qualified Leads – Let’s put it all together so that it is simple and easy. Google Hangout only provides one key component of “One Stone Hits 3 Birds”. The key challenge for social media traffic is that everything is running in solos. There is no one single integrated social media ecosystem where you can capture all social media traffic and live videos with all strategic partners and customers. With eZ-Xpo Social Live, every exhibitor/sponsor can launch Social Live leveraging the top three social media powerhouses for massive traffic every day.  eZ-Xpo automatically feeds social media live videos to the Google Search engine as well as other social media networks. Speakers can host virtual private break room for more in-depth discussion with the attendee. 

For a FREE consultation on how to create your organic lead generation system for a long-term sustainable unfair competitive advantage, please book a 20-min meeting here or contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-718-5333.


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