Hello everyone,

“Network effects. Perhaps no other phrase can get a VC’s pulse higher.  They’re the holy grail of online business.”

Per the attached, I would like to highlight the unique feature and functionality of eZ-Xpo Network Marketplace – a New Game Changer for the 21st Century.  It is beyond bits and bytes of feature functionality. We architected the eZ-Xpo Marketplace with focus on network effects (not just bits and bytes with fancy graphics) so that customers, partners, and suppliers can collaborate anytime all the time. Our eZ-Xpo Network Marketplace is quite similar to the B2B Exchange Marketplace where both buyers and suppliers can buy and sell; and collaborate anytime all the time.

For those who wants to build your virtual presence,  virtual trade show, or network,  would you want something like the traditional model on the left with limitation on only one event at a time with ZERO future network effect now and in the future. Or something more powerful and scalable like the one on the right, eZ-Xpo Network Effect
with unlimited potential Xpo marketplaces anytime all the time.  I think the answer is OBVIOUS and CLEAR.

For a FREE consultation, please contact us at [email protected] for further information.


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P.S.  What is a network effect? It’s what happens when the value of a product to one user depends on how many other users there are,

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