March 15 afternoon, the fifth 3-day Expo Central solar power industry in Central China Worldwide Exhibition Focus came to an end, and lively 3-day Expo Focus finally restored calm. As a well-known, central and western regions of the largest solar industry event, it is far from settled impact.

According to incomplete statistics, 3-day exhibition attracted much more compared to 800 from across the country leading solar photovoltaic companies and brands, received from Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Beijing, Hubei, Jiangsu and visitors 6 thousand people, the audience will certainly be accumulated to much more compared to 100,000 people, reaching much more compared to 7,000 items of agency cooperation intention, involving much more compared to 1.5 billion yuan, the quantity of on-site retail sales exceeded 10 million yuan mark.

Profit exhibitors homebuilders Large solar power daily to visit Zheng

booth merchants flock. Three days, Cheng received from a large solar power to Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei Province, much more compared to 5,000 internal and external customers, are the most exhibitors in the reception client’s brand. Intention to reach them and pay the deposit and outside of City and County customers are 72, there are 253 rural customers.

In this exhibition, Hout, Mu Four Seasons songs, Beidelaite, China Yang, Tempe, Sun Beibei and various other famous brands have actually eye-catching performance is much more impressive is that, as a potential solar consumer market, Henan, local enterprises have actually begun to rush ahead the tight encirclement, the rapid rise. Zheng large local enterprises as the leading solar power brand to a collection of personalized products to attract a large lot of exhibitors come to the consultation. Reporter noted that, despite the fact that a large lot of well-known brand compared to local enterprises started relatively late, yet on the local market, a deep discovering of public sentiment so that they produce much more close to the sentiments of the individuals on the product details on the lots of unique design of pretty small fulfill market demand. Bungalow along with sloping roofs, such as dual-usage stent design, voltage instability for rural development will certainly be generating solar energy, product appearance in the Central Plains style. Large solar power leader

Zheng told reporters that the most recent Shandong, Jiangsu and solar penetration fee has actually reached 60%, while much less compared to 30% of Henan Province, Henan Province for the individuals to usage the 2 high-quality low-priced solar water heaters, washing daily the hot water bath, a large solar Zheng preferential models introduced this year?? Sword collection in this exhibition debut. Sword collection by virtue of superior quality and lesser fee well received by visitors. Family portrait collection of successful products as home appliances to the countryside, are additionally popular due to their higher profile distributor of all of ages. The most interesting feature would certainly be to yield electricity as quickly as the lot of solar water heater?? Hillman family of products are not only able to offer hot water laundry washing vegetables, can easily additionally yield electricity to fulfill room lighting needs. Jiang said the company will certainly be generating solar photovoltaic products is additionally only a preliminary attempt, in the future can easily be accomplished even have the ability to watch TV, usage the air conditioning requirements.

“We are full of expectations for the next show, and began to plan as quickly as possible,” Jiang said, “We will certainly keep on to schedule the next show a larger booth.”

Booth next business Qiang Ding Of the sun as a rising industry, solar industry made promptly in recent years, the exhibition booth was set to expand significantly better compared to in the past, yet the enthusiasm of exhibitors booth reservation staff are still to some surprise, a temporary boost in the booth is still difficult fulfill the demand. Organizing Committee, told reporters that the staff is expected to end the week prior to the opening exhibition booth booking job had to be postponed, yet until there is a great deal of business prior to clinical requirements set booths, and even extra booths have actually additionally been booked, the staff had to declined their request.

View of the exhibition booth of the sought-after trend, lots of companies take precautions, have actually already begun the next show. According to the organizing committee staff, at present has actually four seasons Mu-song, Beidelaite, Hua Yang, Temple, Rongshida, Jorge special, the sun Babe, and various other enterprises begin booking the next show booth.

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