Hello everyone,

We have just launched a new country network marketplace for success. Nigeria Business Network Marketplace is just a good start. http://www.localplacexpo.com/nbnm

We will be collaborating with Department of Trade Commerce and American Chamber of Commerce to propagate this powerful framework for every country by
city, states, regions, and industry.  The “Country Business Network Marketplace” will consist of three key components:

  • LocalPlaceXpo – This is the “Yelp” framework with Xpo factor on top of it for live engagement and long-term business relationship.
  • JobExpo365 – This Virtual Job Fair will help boost job creation and streamline the overall talent management process worldwide.
  • Social Learning Marketplace – Instead of out-spend on advertising, every company can out-educate their competitors on their products/services for continuous business relationship. The more you educate your products/services, the more your customers will buy from you.

The goal is to help jump-start every local business and accelerate joint global partnership for success worldwide.
If you are interested in championing this venture, please contact me ASAP. We only offer selected qualified partners.



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