“Beyond disaggregation, personalization is ultimately the most powerful consumer value of digital media.

Below is a very interesting article on the outlook of digital media industry. Similarly, eZ-Xpo will disrupt the overall traditional ‘trade show’ industry with focus on personalization and network effect for choice. With eZ-Xpo 2.0, exhibitor can choose where they would like to display their products/services by industry, cities, countries, and by target customer profile virtually anytime anywhere.

With a click of mouse, exhibitor can display their products/services in a network of all specialized virtual expo marketplaces. For attendees/potential buyer, he/she can choose the specific  virtual expo marketplace and specific product category to attend and view. Market Intelligence will be constantly updated and shared with the exhibitors for fine-tuning on their offerings.

This use case is no longer a dream; but a reality for action now.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2012!



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