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“Digital marketers should start to emphasise building loyal communities on their own websites and apps, rather than outsourcing content to third parties such as Facebook or Instagram,” CMO of content marketing platform,  Livefyre, Dave Scott said.

As we get ready for the New Year 2016, it is critical that we understand the future trend of technology and how we can leverage it to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

I would like to point out several key points in this interesting article below:

#1-3 : Marketers will get more selective on how they promote their products/services. One-off ad will be fading away as they will not nurture relationship.

#4:    Marketing automation is the key to success. Every virtual collaborative network is equipped to nurture every prospect to send qualified prospect to the exhibitor/organizer via CRM/Email Marketing such as Salesforce, or Mailchimp. A new secret weapon – Virtual Smart Agent from eZ-XPO will be launched to help engage every attendee 24/7 and automate every marketing step in the process.

#5:    “Digital marketers should start to emphasise building loyal communities on their own websites and apps, rather than outsourcing content to third parties such as Facebook or Instagram,” CMO of content marketing platform,Livefy Dave Scott said.

#6:   Ecommerce challenges will escalate – eZ-XPO – eCommerce will be launched in Q1 2016 to help empower every exhibitor to convert qualified lead to sales from every virtual booth. Virtual Smart Agent can be fully integrated into the whole sales process for every virtual booth

#7,15: Hyper-personalization & nurturing relationship inside and out – Personalization has been the core requirement of the platform. It is the same reason why the concept of virtual business ecosystem with multiple virtual expo network capability based on personalization will become a critical factor of the overall lead generation process.

#8:     eZ-XPO Mobile will be launched in Q1/2016 for all organizers and attendees for IOS/Android. This will help complement all physical event organizers for ongoing collaboration and engagement.

#9,10   Digital transformation moves to the C-suite – this fits into our overall 3-in-1 JumpStart Strategy very well with focus on marketing promotion virtual expo network, collaborative workspace, virtual learning, and virtual job network for every organization. eZ-XPO no longer just offers virtual trade show. but a network of virtual collaborative applications for every organization.

#13.    Customer demand more authenticity.  Every company needs to bring customers to share their product experience with new prospects. Our Virtual Expo Network and Virtual Summit capability can enable everyone to participate and educate new prospects with customer insights and experience.

2016 is going to be a very exciting year as we will have all the secret weapons to empower everyone to connect and nurture clients everyday!!!!



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